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Benefits of A/R funding

Avoid stress with debt-free funding

  • Quick debt-free funding (within 24-48 hours)

  • Let's you use your money that's tied up as accounts receivable for a long time.

  • Improves your balance sheet

  • Helps benefit from continuous and unlimited funding

  • Increases your cash flow

  • Unlike bank loans, A/R funding is easy, fast, and hassle-free

  • No periodic payments or interim payoffs

  • Constant cash inflow without applying for separate loans

  • Reduces internal expenses by getting rid of collections, credit verifications, and accounts receivable administration

Are you eligible for A/R funding?

Your company can receive A/R funding if it has creditworthy customers and business-to-business or business-to-government invoices for goods delivered or services rendered.


No need  to wait 30, 60 days or longer for invoice payments.  A/R funding is cash now with no waiting.

You don't pay interest on the money you receive since it's through the sale of your invoice.

Fast Cash Flow through A/R Funding

A/R funding allows you to turn your accounts receivable (invoices) into immediate debt-free cash. Hence, it's also known as invoice factoring.

Funding available for international companies

Normally, your company will receive 80% to 90% of the face value of its invoices as an immediate cash advance. There's no debt and HLC Financial Services, Inc. charges only a small service fee. The balance is paid after your customers pay your invoices.                                              

Increase cash flow without incurring debt or diluting your equity. Call:


Debt-free financing

It's suitable for small and medium-sized companies, which have difficulty acquiring loans as they have to pay for their expenses faster than they can collect their accounts receivable.

Funding can be provided for companies within the U.S. with monthly invoices ranging from $50,000 to $20,000,000.

Your company can receive A/R funding from HLC Financial Services, Inc. even if it's located in Canada or Western Europe. Other geographical locations are considered on a case-by-case basis. Funding starts at $500,000 per month on a non-recourse basis.

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