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For commercial businesses, government agencies, contractors, pharmacies, and health care providers

Commercial accounts receivable (A/R) funding: The sale of accounts receivable at a discount for immediate cash. Funding is debt-free, continuous and unlimited as your A/R increases. International A/R funding is also available on a non-recourse basis.

Company Specialties:

We are a nationwide financial services company specializing in alternative financing and cash flow solutions for commercial businesses, healthcare providers and government agencies. We help clients get greater flexibility and access to working capital, acquisition financing and other financial solutions. For the most part, most transactions are transaction-oriented based rather than balance – sheet focused. HLC is a performance – driven company – no upfront fees.


The company helps small and medium-sized businesses get needed capital without having to undergo a rigid and long drawn-out process – often with unsatisfactory results. HLC strives to make a difference by arranging fast, easy and proven financial solutions with greater access to capital with more certainty and less paperwork.  Funding is provided through top-quality and well-capitalized lenders and investors.  


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Commercial A/R financing: Loans secured by a company’s accounts receivable and structured as a revolving line of credit with easy repayment.  

Equipment lease financing: An alternative to taking out a loan or paying cash to acquire commercial or medical equipment. Provides you with 100 % financing with no impact on your existing lines of credit.

Healthcare A/R funding for healthcare providers, including pharmacies: A debt-free cash flow solution based on the sale of medical or pharmacy claims (accounts receivable) owed by government agencies, private and commercial insurance companies

Creative commercial and healthcare real estate financing: This Includes bridge and mezzanine loans, sale leaseback arrangements, as well as refinancing and acquisition financing. Transactions could include investor participation.

Equipment financing for government agencies: Long-term, tax-exempt and unlimited financing for local, state and federal governments.


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HLC Financial Services, Inc. has an A+ rating and is an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau. The company is staffed by Certified Capital Specialists with advanced degrees and experience in private industry and government sectors. The company has been pleasing customers since 1999. Our business is helping yours. Call (708) 225-1483 today or visit our contact page for more information.

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