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Medical A/R funding is available nationwide

Medical A/R funding is a quick and easy debt-free cash flow solution. Funding starts at a net of $100,000 in monthly A/R or medical claims. You’ll have continuous and unlimited funding as your medical claims increase. Essentially, you’ll have an expandable line of debt-free funding that grows as your business grows.

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Convenient Pharmacy and Medical A/R Funding and Financing

If you're a healthcare provider or run a pharmacy, you can benefit from our specialized alternative financing solutions. These include pharmacy A/R funding, medical A/R funding, and medical A/R financing.


Both medical and pharmacy A/R funding are debt-free cash flow solutions. They are based on the sale of third-party medical claims (accounts receivable) owed to your business by government agencies, private and commercial insurance companies.  And in the case of pharmacy A/R, it also includes self-funded employers.










Improve cash flow with ease to aid growth

Get money without the usual long wait for reimbursements. Call:


  • Imaging centers

  • Medical clinics

  • Ambulance companies

  • Medical Laboratories

  • Other healthcare providers                


Pharmacy A/R funding gives you continuous and unlimited funding. We'll help you gain access to capital by arranging the sale of pharmacy claims or accounts receivable. Funding starts at $500,000 in monthly A/R or pharmacy claims. You are provided next day funding with up to 97 % after initial approval and it's on-going. In addition, you receive specialized reports to assist your pharmacy operation. Funding grows as your pharmacy grows, and it's all debt-free cash to your pharmacy. Our business is helping yours.



Medical A/R financing, on the other hand, is a versatile and cost-effective revolving line of credit. A flexible loan is provided against your third-party medical A/R or healthcare A/R, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Private and Commercial Insurance. Funding starts at $3,000,000 and is virtually unlimited to qualified healthcare providers. (No dentists or chiropractors at this time).



  • Nursing homes

  • Medical supply companies

  • Dialysis centers

  • Hospitals

  • Practice physicians

Medical A/R & Medical A/R financing funding eligibility

Pharmacy A/R funding eligibility

  • Retail

  • Specialty

  • Hospital

  • Other pharmacies (considered on a case-by-case basis)

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Medical A/R financing, also known as healthcare A/R financing, is a loan secured by third-party medical claims owed to a business by government agencies, private and commercial insurance companies. It is structured as a revolving line of credit.


HLC Financial Services, Inc. arranges nationwide medical and pharmacy A/R funding and medical A/R financing. Virtually, unlimited capital is available for qualified healthcare providers.