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Fire trucks Ambulances Police cars

Equipment financing for a wide variety of equipment as follows:

Funding starts at $500,000

  • Computer systems

  • Telephone system

  • Light, medium, or heavy trucks

  • Fire trucks

  • Test equipment

  • Office equipment

  • School buses

  • Rescue vehicles

  • Garbage trucks

  • Energy-related systems (HVAC, chillers, boilers, lighting, automated controls, and much more)

  • Road repair equipment

HLC Financial Services, Inc. can offer unlimited funding to qualified projects.

Equipment funding for Indian Tribal Nations is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Long-term, tax-exempt and unlimited equipment financing for local, state and federal agencies

Equipment financing is available across the nation

HLC Financial Services, Inc. arranges long-term, tax-exempt equipment financing for local, state and federal agencies facing budget and cash flow challenges in the acquisition of essential equipment. Indian Tribal Nations are considered on a case-by-case basis.


We provide you with greater flexibility and access to capital for a wide range of equipment financing needs, including medical equipment, automated meter reading systems, energy related systems and much more. Our highly respected and well-capitalized financial partner provides creative and innovative equipment financing at the most competitive terms in the government financing industry.


We look forward to bidding on your next equipment project. Call us!


  • Excavation vehicles

  • Ambulances

  • Police cars

  • Automated meter reading systems

  • Medical equipment


Funding starts at $500,000 and is unlimited for qualified projects.

Smaller transactions are considered on a case-by-case basis. Large projects require an executive summary for consideration.

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